Talk, Talk, Talk

During the First Talk, we talk to God. It begins with a short DVD session filled with Scripture and practical applications. We fill out and Pray over our Prayer requests. We then have a time of Praises and Testimonies. The focus is on what God has done for us, not what we have done to God.


The Second Talk (counsel time) involves talking to each other. Men with men, ladies with ladies; bearing one another’s burdens, and going through a workbook of Scripture memory projects and challenges, Bible reading, accountability, and encouragement.


The Third Talk We have music, sing a hymn, and God talks to us through a message from His Word, The Bible. We will come back together for a closing session and awards ceremony. Each RU member will need to purchase a text book and a workbook for the lessons being taught. Students are strongly encouraged to attend Sunday School, Prayer meetings, and Church services. A counsel leader is available to the student at all times for questions, support, and encouragement. Our goal is to equip each student with all the tools necessary for them to be totally free from their addiction.